Card Maintenance System (CMS)

Card Maintenance System is a powerful tool for telephone prepaid card business. You can benefit from CMS to offer a full-suite of calling card services to enterprises and end users. It allows the shopkeeper to take absolute control over all aspects of sales and inventory of telephone cards.

Why use CMS?

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  • For better revenue Affordable
  • User friendly
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Reduce Order turn around time
  • To Improve Order Accuracy
  • To serve customer in better way
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  • Maintain in-flow and out-flow of goods/money
  • Customer/Supplier maintenance
  • Discount % and Reorder level maintained at the card level
  • Card maintenance includes activation, blocking cards, tracking lost cards and returned cards
  • Cash/Bank inflow/outflow maintenance
  • Reduce Order Errors
  • Batch number assignment
  • Gives high flexibility to show all the available batch details and allows to change the batch numbers based on the sale quantity
  • Excellent tracking of money flow
  • Easy payment modes like cash, bank, Cheque and Post
  • Quick search to find out the card status
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Other features

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  • Multilingual
  • Audit log
  • Easy user interface
  • User rights (limited access) / permission management
  • Wide range of reports that support daily/monthly activities
  • Various profitability reports
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