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Founded in Feb 2011, formarly using the label as Gush Global Solutions, which was founded in the year 2004 as a Support and Development center, 9Stones is striving to be recognized as a leader in providing business solutions for all types of industries and for a varied market. At 9Stones, we constantly watch to lead in the analysis and development and explore the industry's most advanced technologies.

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Our Products

Looking for experienced software developers or other technology experts? Does the job market seem to be swept empty?

…Offshore outsourcing to 9 Stones promises a fast assistance to you.

By offshore outsourcing, you can use your resources fully for projects with the largest value creation and secure the competitive ability of your enterprise, for future. Time-consuming activities with small creation of value, like e.g. Maintenance work, can be accomplished at small costs, also abroad.

9 Stones specialists will work closely with people especially during the start of a project and for implementation, in order to ensure and create around the confidence between all involved resources and on the one hand, to give and take a continuous knowledge transfer. As it is not denied that a local distance confidence is substantial factor for a long-term basis successful co-operation, 9 Stones uses a coordination centre also in Germany, apart from India.

  • Lager Management

    Lager Management is an application designed for the warehouse management, which directs the flow of materials both in and out of specific storage locations.

  • Card Maintenance System (CMS)

    Card Maintenance System is a powerful tool for telephone prepaid card business. You can benefit from CMS to offer a full-suite of calling card services to enterprises and end users.

  • Point of Sale Management (POSMAN)

    Point Of Sale Manager, abbreviated as POSMAN, is a Point of Sale/casher application to manage your retail business. It handles all the needs of a typical “cash ‘n’ carry“ business.


Our Services

Web Technologies...

We are an innovative and profitable organization with positions leading the market in the development of high performance Web applications. Our high-motivated team of coworkers develops individual and application software. We offer enterprises and users with solutions, which uses the large Potential of Internets much simply and to use better and more cost-efficiently.

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